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Hello there!

From the tone of my pleasantry above, I am sure you can tell how super pumped I am. well, yeah, I am excited about this article and trust me am about to share something very useful. so if you are seeking to kick start a career in the design track, this article is for you. You can thank me later. Enjoy!

So in this article am going to be sharing something I think is the “bibbidi bobbidi booof all designs. I’ve been a lover of graphics design(in fact, anything that has to do with design) for as long as only God knows. and I’ve had lessons on it since 2016 (Corel Draw), I’ve also tried to solo-learn on other apps such as CAVA and PicsArt (all on mobile).

Though I made some level of progress (I guess) and learnt some tricks, no doubt, but I’ve always known something is missing, there was always a void that needed to be filled in every design I made, but I couldn’t lay hands on what the fix was. Friends would cheer me and say how much of a great designer I am, blah blah blah… Thanks to my perfectionist of an eye; it always interpreted my designs then, as less quality and that was the only reason I did not commercialized my graphics skills. Yes, the skill, creativity and talent, I had them all (and still) but I was lacking the real deal. It was not a software neither was it a trick or a shortcut. the real deal was not in the “doing” It actually was In the “knowing”. I was was deficient in some knowledge, there was something I didn’t know!

Knowledge is truly power…

Until two months ago I bumped into a design boot camp online and decided to try something new (new software) and leverage on the opportunity. So I registered for the boot camp (yes, it was a paid online class). The tutorial was based on Photoshop (I had not designed on Photoshop before then). But as much as I appreciate the new design software, the thing I am most thankful for, is the knowledge I acquired on the “PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN”. It was the emancipation my design career needed!

Pictorial representation of the principles of design

Now that’s the design magic I am talking about. Application of design principles on graphics, breathe professionalism on your work and builds your commercial confidence. Many design beginners are ignorant of these principles and they go ahead and put all their faith on their creativity and talent. but they end up doing too much, that way, they render their designs commercially useless and unprofessional. Talent alone is not enough…

Notice: Knowledge is worth paying for, if you can afford it, please go for it.

I’m sure at this point of this article, your curiosity must be high, to know what exactly are these principles of design. Well, if that’s the case, then, there you go. You can have them in the next paragraph.

The principles of design include the following;

  1. Alignment
  2. Balance
  3. Contrast
  4. Hierarchy
  5. Repetition

The principles listed above is the Midas touch of every professional graphic designer. Don’t worry about the details of the principles, just keep you fingers crossed in anticipation of my next article as I’ll explain each of the above principles in details. Thank you for reading through!

I can’t wait to tell you more in the next article…

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